Welcome! I'm Carly.

Now based in Amsterdam, I draw on nine years of experience as a seasoned coffee professional and Q grader to offer services and experiences worldwide.

With a background that includes sourcing for Blue Bottle and developing educational programs at Cometeer, I've honed a broad range of skills.

Are you...

A specialty coffee business looking for expert help?

Working in coffee and looking to deepen your knowledge?

Looking to plan the perfect event or workshop for a group of coffee enthusiasts?

Explore my services below and let's connect with a discovery call!
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Companies I’ve worked with

Services I provide

Business Services

Is your business seeking expertise in quality control, green coffee sourcing, or training?

Ideal for refining your systems for optimal efficiency, quality alignment, and future strategy planning.

Click here to read more about my background, and here to learn about my previous consulting projects.

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Coaching & Workshops

Whether you're looking to develop your cupping skills further, understand the basics of the coffee buying, or master roasting and/or brewing concepts, I have a workshop designed just for you.

Recognizing that everyone's journey in coffee is different, I offer flexible pricing to match your situation.

With in-depth online sessions, we'll elevate your knowledge to help you achieve your goals in the industry.

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Events & Experiences

Are you looking to plan the perfect event for a group of coffee enthusiasts?

I host private and public events and workshops for the coffee-curious.

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Didn't find what you're looking for, or just want to explore possibilities? Let's connect for a discovery call!

If it sounds like we could work together, I'm excited to learn more about your needs.

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From my clients

Carly was outstanding to work with! She displayed profound industry knowledge and delivered high-quality work in a timely manner. Truly a reliable professional with great communication at every stage of the project.
Brianna Dickey
Founder & CEO of CropConex
I have enjoyed knowing and working with Carly for years in her many different capacities with major brand companies across the US and in the work she's done for JNP Coffee. Carly is brilliant, very knowledgeable about coffee and we share a common passion of empowering farmers at Origin.
Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian
Owner of JNP Coffee
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